Grounded I Earthy Luxury Villa Houses for sale in Goa

What we do





Grounded is a team of architects.

We build buildings rooted in sound architectural principles to reconnect with nature and celebrate the simple joys of life. Fresh air, natural light, fertile soil, love and laughter: the essentials of well-being that are too often lost in the chaos of modern living. 


We build beautiful, unique homes that are luxurious hideaways in precious locations, enabling our clients to live their best lives, make lasting memories with family and friends, to reconnect with nature and find quiet inspiration. We build light and airy spaces that tie the rustic and contemporary aesthetics in perfect balance. We design indoor and outdoor living spaces that flow seamlessly together and connect with nature. 

Guided by sustainable practices to protect the environment and rejoice in its abundant goodness, we build in harmony with nature while we strive for architectural excellence. As a team of internationally trained architects and project managers from India, New York and Singapore, we are able to bring global insights and best practices to our buildings. Using the very best local materials, modern engineering, and expert craftsmanship, we are passionate about our work and build each home as if it were our own dream home. 

As we grow with the support of our friends and patrons, we endeavor to remain progressive in our thinking, authentic in our offerings, responsible in our practices, and retain the quiet luxury and joy found in the goodness of nature.

Grounded. Earthy luxury to reconnect with nature.

  • We build in harmony with nature

  • We build each home to be unique and specific to its site and surroundings

  • We maximize daylight and cross-ventilation in each room

  • We create indoor spaces that seamlessly flow to the outdoors, and connect with nature

  • We build using contemporary building form and clean lines

  • We explore and indulge in textures found in natural materials

  • We highlight the authenticity of the building structure and building materials

                                                                     Click to hear our founder's speech at TEDX for sustainable development.