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Founder's Apartment






The 2500 sq.ft. apartment is located in a historic colonial-era ‘Black and White’ apartment building in Singapore. Far removed in character from the ubiquitous glass condominium towers that dot Singapore, the Black and White offers generous spaces that are filled with natural light and natural air. The apartment also features lofty 11 ft. high ceilings, shaded openings and a distinct old world charm.

The design theme for the ‘Black and White Modern’ apartment interiors was ‘Less is More’. We wanted to retain the lightness and airiness of the space and keep the interiors clean and uncluttered. We choose a black and white overall palette to highlight the historic nature of the building, and then added bright pops of color for fun. The apartment is surrounded by big trees, and we have brought some of that nature indoors in the form of plants, dried tree branches, and a big ‘Saur’ wood dining table. 


The apartment is also meant to showcase the memorabilia collected during the resident’s myriad travels and stays around the world. Each object in the apartment has a story and a memory attached to it making the interiors very intimate and personal.