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Riot of Colors with Manish Arora

I love Manish Arora. I find him to be one of the most innovative trend-setter global-Indian designers today. He exhibits such bravery with his bursts of colors and wild bold prints. I like that he does not hold back and strays far beyond any ‘safe-zone’.

He exhibited the same bravado when he revamped his apartment in Paris and we love the result. He actually got a graffiti artist to spray paint his entrance ! And that was just the beginning. The loud pops of color, pexiglass furniture and his toy collections makes the apartment very original, uber-chic and avant-garde. (even the duct-tape on his boxes is neon orange !!) J’aime !

Images via article in NYTimes and Ozone Design Lifestyle.

The post would be incomplete without the wonderful-quirky-bashful-full of color video ‘Holi Holy’ by Manish Arora. The video celebrates the first time when the widows in Benaras played Holi (last year).